Our Mission


Our mission statement is strongly associated with our brand of Transforming important aspects of people & organisation and how they adapt technology to bring the best business outcomes with a plus. The word “plus” has become big part in the way of life of everything we do as an organisation.

The idea of initiating the concept of Transformation Plus started few years back, and in executing the idea, we had to overcome several obstacles, however, with each obstacle we overcame, we got better for it. With overcoming the various obstacles, we were able to correct our mistakes, take note of where we got it right and where we got it all wrong, and thus we were able to come up with the right resources, the right product, with the aid of the transformational teachings and learning, coupled with the best interaction with others, to help you in your journey through transformation into a better you.

We believe that business growth is possible through good connections and unique products and services. Our mission is to create a sea change in the society by bringing innovative products and services. iSecureCyber and littleMATA are two digitised products offered by us focussing on digital disruptive resource augmentation. LittleMATA is an initiative to track spoiled food, reducing food wastage digitally.

This started with transforming people first, as they form the core essence of organisation. This was made possible by effectively focusing on welcoming and empowering positive changes. A person cannot go through this transformation process if he holds onto a fixed set of preconceived notions. Transformation is possible only by a strong willpower to continuously improve, educate and grow under a mentorship.

People will love to get connected to Transformation Plus because its mission of mindset development program is very much relevant in today’s world. People tend to curb their inhibitions and regain willpower and determination which makes them more productive and effective.

We are passionate about creating a connected world with the connected ecosystem - be it technology, be it human resource, be it sports or be it innovative product line, we are there.

Our Mission

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    Inspire Change
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    Mentorship as
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We believe in your potential to become the new you, your desire to create an impact and you will find us with you every-time. Connect with us today! Embark on this journey of the new you.




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