Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking
Monitor The Position
Monitor The Tempreture

Our tracking device is designed to monitor the position of the packaged foods and its temperature as well. When the food packages are loaded into the refrigerated truck, the tracking device keeps monitoring the position of the package in a timely manner probably every 20 seconds. This real-time tracking help avoid the wastage of food by keeping it in an optimal temperature and alert the manager or supervisor through the dashboard regarding the change in the temperature.


For example, Strawberries are the most perishable fruits, so preserving them is pretty much difficult. Using this tracking device, goods will remain refreshed all the time. Real time tracking of quality fresh foods has never been this easy. Such an innovation in the area of software solutions to help businesses is a way of tracking supply chain and logistics in real time. The product is ready, and at the moment some companies have begun to adopt its use in tracking supply chains. The new age tracking device is an innovation that was created to monitor the automation, movement, position, and temperature of packaged food in real-time.